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A heart, a soul, a voice, a guitar, and a journey. But mainly a journey

Levi Robin’s path of wandering and wondering has led him along many roads. From main streets to mystic mountaintops, packed concert halls to huddled rooms full of whispered secrets swaying and hovering above the candle’s glow. Far out, and deep within. Always seeking what — a life lived in quiet commitment to the ever-vanishing horizon, perpetually pushing on beyond each crowded station, always returning home, where stillness speaks in psalmic silence.

Through it all, there was, and is, always music. A method, a medium, a means to the endless. Verses and chords, deserts and shores. Every melody, a memory of another possible future.

Over time, in heart and mind — a story begins to take shape, a song escapes, opens a gate, appears a bridge. A voice calls out from faraway and deep within — familiar and strange, even to itself. A practice of turning, one heart to another, and back again. The invisible art of composing oneself for the good of another. Such a journey, such a dream, such a life, you could even call it music.


After years of expectation, Levi Robin is set to release his first full length studio album, “Where Night Meets Day”, Spring 2020.

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